Ukrainian Medical And Dental Academy, Ukraine

Structure of Fees in Ukrainian Medical And Dental Academy, Ukraine

1st Year Tuition Fees USD $7000
2nd Year  to 6th Year Tuition Fees/year USD 4000
Hostel/year USD 900
Total Fees for Six Years USD 27,000

About Ukrainian Medical And Dental Academy

By studying at UMDA, students gain their professional experience at 26 specialized bases-multifield medical and preventive organizations and research institutes and 28 specially equipped clinical bases-leading city hospitals, under the supervision of experienced specialists.
There are two scientific research institutes:the Institute of Medical Family Problems and Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. Modern treatment methods such as kidney transplantation, open-heart surgeries with artificial blood circulation, extracorporal blood purification, biochemoabsorbtion and many others are applied in most of the clinics almost every day. Due to the high level of specialists training, UMDA or UMDA is one of the most attractive Ukrainian Medical Universities for foreign students.
More than 4,200 students from USA, India, Russia, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel, China, Malaysia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Peru, Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Mauritius, Pakistan and many other countries study at UMDA.