Tbilisi Medical University, Georgia

Structure of Fees in Tbilisi Medical University, Georgia

1st Year Tuition Fees/year USD 5000
2ndYear Tuition Fees/year USD 4500
3rd Year  to 6th Year Tuition Fees/year USD 4000
Hostel/year USD 800
Total Fees for Six Years USD 25,500

About Tbilisi Medical University

Tbilisi Medical Academy is the oldest private institution of higher learning in Georgia. The University offers 6 year educational program in Medicine and the MD degree offered is recognized around the globe. The University has excellent Medical faculty and maintains a perfect student to teacher ratio. The University has collaboration with many other reputed universities in Europe to which they offer various student transfer programs.

The Medicine program is for 6 years, and the course is imparted in the English language.