Syktyvkar State University, Russia

Structure of Fees in Syktyvkar State University, Russia

1st Year  to 6th Year Tuition Fees/year USD 3500
Hostel/year USD 1000
Total Fees for Six Years USD 21,000

About Syktyvkar State University

MEDICAL INSTITUTE is the youngest institute of the university complex. It was created in July 2014 by the order of the Rector of Syktyvkar State University on the basis of organized in 1996 Komi Branch of Kirov State Medical Academy in Syktyvkar.
There are many medical Universities. And if the applicant is determined to become a doctor, then it is very difficult to make the final choice: which medical university to apply? EVery University has its own history, its attractions.
So we decided to tell you, Our Dear Applicants, the prehistory of our medical school. And it began with the establishment of Komi Branch of Kirov State Medical Academy in Syktyvkar on May 12, 1996.
On that day, Rector of Kirov State Medical Institute, Professor V. A. Zhuravlev signed the order to establish a branch and enroll 50 students to the first year of study and term of their education during two years.